Uninstall WhatRoute 1.x.x


Download and unzip uninstall.zip.
This small applet will remove the WhatRoute 1.x.x Cache and Settings files.
Not required for WhatRoute 2

Download WhatRoute 2.0.3

WhatRoute 2.0.3 - Changes and Features


  • Preferences - Enable/Disable Sparkle Updater.
  • IP Locations - Now uses data from Maxmind GeoLite2.
  • Map - Right click on flow endpoint to show location in Google Maps.
  • Map - Left click on flow endpoint to display nearby networks.
  • Map - Windows detached from popover controls are resizeable.
  • Map - Display flag when mouse hovers over country which has had active flows.
  • Map - Adjust width of lines used to draw flow paths.


  • All reported bugs fixed.

Version 2.x.x is a major revision of WhatRoute. Some functionality present in earlier versions has not been implemented but can be added on request.
Thank-you to all the users who have followed the 'Donation' links.

Earlier versions of WhatRoute are available from the links on this page.

Download WhatRoute 2.0.2

WhatRoute 2.0.2 - Changes and Features


  • Mapped flows may be coloured by port.
  • Flow updates are paused while context menu is active.
  • Only relevant items enabled in flow context menu.
  • Display 'busy' indicator while a command is running.


  • Divide by zero when points on map are very close.

Download WhatRoute 2.0.1

WhatRoute 2.0.1 - Changes and Features


  • Auto-detect IPv4/IPv6 addresses in the Host field.
  • Auto-refresh Interfaces and Neighbours display.
  • Advanced flow filtering using Apple Predicate Editor.


  • Crash when receiving malformed data from a whois server.
  • Spurious timeouts in Trace and Ping.
  • Improved asynchronous address to name resolution.

Download WhatRoute 2.0.0

WhatRoute 2.0.0 - Changes and Features
  • Requires OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or later
  • Complete rewrite in Swift 2
  • Support for IPv4 and IPv6 where applicable
  • Path visualisation (geotracing). Map can be enlarged to full screen
  • Network Flow monitor
  • Functions implemented:
    • Trace - router to router network paths
    • Ping - ICMP echo requests
    • Whois - Get network and name information
    • DNS Lookup - Find IP addresses for hosts
    • ASN Lookup - Query network ASN informationk
    • Port Scan - find open ports on a host
    • Interface Configuration - show address information for each interface
    • Netstat - see the state of the sockets and routing tables on the machine
    • Network Scan - find hosts on any subnet with ICMP echo
    • Neighbours - find hosts on the local LAN
  • Can co-exist with earlier versions of WhatRoute

Download WhatRoute 1.13.2

WhatRoute 1.13.2 - Changes and Features
  • Whatroute site links now use https
  • Updated version number of whatroutehelper
  • Recompiled with Xcode 7.2.1

Download WhatRoute 1.13.1

WhatRoute 1.13.1 - Changes and Features
  • Cache data now saved in JSON files (previously was xml)
  • Fixed recent hosts popup menu drawing glitch when adding new hosts
  • Recompiled with Xcode 6.1.1

Download WhatRoute 1.13.0

WhatRoute 1.13.0 - Changes and Features
  • Bug Fix - Was generating invalid whois query
  • Bug Fix - Country flags were not displaying in Map window
  • Recompiled with Xcode 6.0.1
  • Tested on Yosemite (OSX 10.0 beta)
  • Added refresh interval control to Flow Monitor
  • Added ASN query function
  • Added ASN query function
  • Bug fixes and code refactoring

Download WhatRoute 1.12.1

WhatRoute 1.12.1 - Changes and Features
  • Flow Monitoring of remote hosts - requires small helper on the remote host. Please contact me if you wish to try this.
  • Server specific flags for Whois
  • Bug fixes and code refactoring

Download WhatRoute 1.12.0

WhatRoute 1.12.0 - Changes and Features
  • Intel only - (latest PPC version is WhatRoute 1.11.0)
  • New privileged helper - net.whatroute.helper
  • New context menu in Flow Monitor and Traceroute tables - right click on address or hostname field
  • Improved handling of DNS and network timeouts
  • Tested with Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)
  • Flow Monitoring of remote hosts - requires small helper on the remote host. Please contact me if you wish to try this.
  • Bug fixes and code refactoring

Download WhatRoute 1.11.0

WhatRoute 1.11.0 - Changes and Features
  • New Flow Monitor window
  • Option to start Monitors when the window is opened
  • Option to start WhatRoute at Login
  • Use Notification Center on Mac OS Mt Lion
  • Display WhatRoute Icon as Gray Scale (someone requested this - not sure why)
  • Use MacOS databrowser to display Traceroute results
  • Use MacOS databrowser to display Address Scan results
  • Use MacOS databrowser to display Response Time results
  • Use MacOS databrowser to display Network Flows
  • Display Flow paths and Trace path on the Map window
  • Bug fixes and code refactoring

Download WhatRoute 1.10.8

WhatRoute 1.10.8 - Changes and Features
  • CodeSigned for Mountain Lion
  • LAN MONITOR - Show individual flow bitrates.
  • LAN MONITOR - Updated tcpdump.
  • LAN MONITOR - Optional display of fields in flow table.
  • LAN MONITOR - Sort fields in flow table.
  • LAN MONITOR - Added Pause/Resume button.
  • OPTIONS - User settable ordering of the command popup menu.
  • WHOIS - Fixed crash when TLD has no known Whois server.
  • HELPER - Copy WhatRouteHelper to ~/Library/Application Support.
  • HELPER - returns privileged file descriptors to WhatRoute. (Used by Trace, Ping, Lan Monitor)
  • PING - fix display of source address.
  • Main window - fixed tabbing between input fields.

Download WhatRoute 1.10.7

WhatRoute 1.10.7 - Changes and Features
  • New program Icon
  • Google Earth - Better handling of meridian crossings.
  • LAN MONITOR - Show network flows on the world map.
  • PING - Show source and destination on the world map.
  • ADDRESS SCAN - Show source and destination on the world map.
  • INTERFACE MONITOR - Use either Linear or Logarithmic graph scales.
  • MAP WINDOW - Buttons initiate Google Eart, link to the MaxMind site and select the colours to use for network flows.
  • Internal - Fixes problem with starting the helper program.
  • Internal - Better scrolling in text windows.
  • Internal - Caches are all xml property lists.

Download WhatRoute 1.10.6


There is a minor problem in WhatRoute 1.10.6 that will prevent it from launching if it is run from a folder containing space characters anywhere in the path. Please install it into a folder that has no spaces in the path name.

			This path will fail:
			~/My Utilities Folder/WhatRoute.app
			This path will succeed:
If you are still experiencing problems, the simplest work-around is to copy the program to your /Applications folder or otherwise contact me.

WhatRoute 1.10.6 - Changes and Features
  • Added Growl notification framework.
  • ASN - New command for finding the ASNs to which a network either belongs or with which it peers.
  • TRACE - Show ASNs (optional) on traceroute display.
  • Map - Fixed scroll-wheel behaviour on Lion.
  • Map - Cursor tracking fixed on scrolled map.
  • Map - Show ASN in map drawer.
  • Graph - Host/address can now be entered on the Graph window.
  • Graph - Retain server addresses when stats are cleared in Graph window.
  • Graph - Show ASN on hop statistics.
  • Tree - Show ASN on node details.
  • Internal - More reliable initiation of WhatRouteHelper.

Download WhatRoute 1.10.5

WhatRoute 1.10.5 - Changes and Features
  • Built and tested on OS X 10.7 (Lion)
  • Scan - Add port scan.
  • Scan - display a warning before port or network scanning
  • Scan - graph the scan response times in a drawer window
  • Ping - graph the ping response times in a drawer window
  • Trace - hide the response times table by default
  • Geotrace - click a map node to see hosts at that node
  • Interface - add a WhatRoute icon to the system menu bar
  • Internal - fixed memory leak in Ping
  • Internal - settings file refactored

Download WhatRoute 1.10.4

WhatRoute 1.10.4 - Changes and Features
  • Geotrace - use geoip.whatroute.net for geo-location
  • Geotrace - fix meridian crossing in Google Earth
  • Geotrace - show all netinfo lookups
  • Geotrace - fix incorrect string conversions in map
  • Geotrace - fix location of Pitcairn
  • Geotrace - Google Earth now pins IP locations at altitude 0, viewed from 40000 - prevents the "flying pins" problem
  • Tree - fix location search for node details
  • Tree - fix delete sub-tree
  • Internal - clean up memory allocator

Download WhatRoute 1.10.3

WhatRoute 1.10.3 - Changes and Features
  • Whois - fixed crash when a whois server could not be found - thank-you wikileaks.org.
  • Ping - fixed formatting of the summary report.
  • Geotrace - Use the MaxMind GeoLite City data hosted at www.whatroute.net.
  • Geotrace - Expire old entries from the database periodically.
  • Geotrace - Use UTF-8 for displaying country data.
  • Internal - Fixed crash with Trace command.
  • Internal - Fixed URIs for data files.
  • Internal - Moved string resources to a '.strings' file.

Download WhatRoute 1.10.2

WhatRoute 1.10.2 - Changes and Features
  • DNS - added an option panel that enables a user to use alternate name servers - e.g. the google name servers.
  • Traceroute - The user can set the hop from which to start returning results.
  • Geotrace - reworked algorithms to use DNS LOC records.
  • Whois - Major code cleanup focusing on handling recursive queries.
  • Whois - Added a control to show/suppress the display of standard server disclaimers.
  • Network scan - simpler interface for setting the network mask.
  • DNS Query - report record types LOC and AAAA.
  • DNS Query - Changed default class to ARPA (IN) - was ANY.
  • Ping - fixed output formatting.
  • Interface - Added Help menu.
  • Interface - Add 'Bring All To Front' menu item.
  • Interface - Dont run when application is on read-only media.
  • Internal - tasks and threads are more dynamic further reducing idle load.
  • Internal - Geolocation/DNS cache is more efficient.
  • Internal - fixed memory alignment issues with some Mac models.
  • Internal - run 'Check for Update' in background to prevent UI from freezing if web server is down.

Download WhatRoute 1.10.1

WhatRoute 1.10.1 - Changes and Features
  • DNS - fix an issue where some DNS servers were unable to resolve WhatRoute queries

Download WhatRoute 1.10.0

WhatRoute 1.10.0 - Changes and Features
This release does not have many externally visible changes but I have put significant amounts of work into refactoring the code with a net reduction in memory footprint of approximately 10MBytes and a significant reduction in CPU usage.
  • Google Earth - set initial focus to end point of the trace
  • Refactor large amounts of code
  • Fixed memory leakage while performing network activities
  • Added option to check regularly for new releases of WhatRoute

Download WhatRoute 1.9.1

WhatRoute 1.9.1 - Changes and Features
  • Google Earth - use multiple polygons to handle crossing the +180/-180 meridian
  • Fix crash at startup if Preferences files are wrong-endian
  • Optimise cache initialisation
  • Add country flags to the route map window
  • Preload the country location data
  • tcpdump cleanup
  • Remove font sensitive characters from messages
  • Fix crash if WhatRoute is Quit while a trace is running
  • Bind about box buttons to bottom right of the window
  • Fix endian problems on Interface Monitor display
  • Add popup menu for saving google earth data to a KML file
  • Fix fatal error in network scan
  • Fix altitude and initial location in Google Earth KML files
  • Add path information to Google Earth KML files

Download WhatRoute 1.9.0

WhatRoute 1.9.0 - Changes and Features
  • Universal Binary - MacOS X 10.4.0 or later is required
  • Visualise route maps with Google Earth
  • Register your own IP address and location at the geolocation service www.hostip.info
  • Removed Open Transport interfaces and use the unix native services
  • Removed code for Classic MacOS and M68K
  • Removed the WASTE text engine and replaced with TextServices
  • Remove the Telnet server
  • Moved location databases from Library/Preferences to Library/Caches
  • New dynamic memory manager using a Fibonacci Buddy System
  • New interface to DNS
  • Many bug fixes

Older Versions of WhatRoute

Older versions of WhatRoute
If you require WhatRoute for MacOS versions earlier than 10.4.0 you can still download the software from the previous version of the site at old.whatroute.net
Older versions are not supported as I no longer have the required hardware and software.