CPUSetter adjusts the number of active cores in your cpu(s). It can also enable/disable hyperthreading on supported cpus.

To do this requires administrator access to the machine and a small privileged helper program is installed when you first execute CPUSetter.
A convenient link to Activity Monitor is provided so you can observe the impact of changes.
Authentication with your administrator credentials is required to make changes to your system.

Why would you ever want to do this?
  • Because you can!
  • Some software is licensed based on the number of active CPUs in the machine. CPUSetter will enable you to be within the terms of your software license.
  • Power Saving.
  • Probably other reasons too, just I can't think of them

Download CPUSetter 1.3.2 (MacosX 10.10 and later)

CPUSetter 1.3.2 - Changes and Features
  • Added option for Launch at Login.

Download CPUSetter 1.3.1 (MacosX 10.10 and later)

CPUSetter 1.3.1 - Changes and Features
  • Hide the Hyper Threading control if not supported by the hardware. (e.g. intel i5)

Download CPUSetter 1.3.0 (MacosX 10.10 and later)

CPUSetter 1.3.0 - Changes and Features
  • Updated to Swift 4.

Download CPUSetter 1.2.0 (MacosX 10.10 and later)

CPUSetter 1.2.0 - Changes and Features
  • Rewritten in Swift.
  • Future updates via Sparkle framework.

Download CPUSetter 1.1.0 (MacosX 10.8 and later)

Download CPUSetter 1.1.0 MacosX 10.7(Lion)

CPUSetter 1.1.0 - Changes and Features
  • Window layout modified
  • Restore window to previous location at startup
  • Preference setting to restore configuration at startup or after system sleep
  • Preference setting to record configuration changes via Notification

Download CPUSetter 1.0.0

CPUSetter 1.0.0 - Changes and Features
  • First public release