FileWatcher is a utility that listens to the operating system event monitor and reports changes to files on your system. You can view the event monitor log and see a visualisation of the file system as a tree structure.

Entries in the log and tree will be either changes to files such as file creation, renaming and deletion or as running process and terminated processes. The file icons in the tree will be overlaid with a symbol indicationg these events.

On first run you will be prompted for your system administrator credentials. FileWatcher requires a small privileged helper program for access to private system directories and processes.


Download FileWatcher 1.2.0

FileWatcher 1.2.0 - Changes and Features


  • Build with Xcode 12.5.
  • Show process kind (Intel or Apple).


Download FileWatcher 1.1.2

FileWatcher 1.1.2 - Changes and Features


  • Build as universal binary.

Download FileWatcher 1.1.1

FileWatcher 1.1.1 - Changes and Features


  • Possible crash at startup.

Download FileWatcher 1.1.0

FileWatcher 1.1.0 - Changes and Features


  • Added "Save" and "Save as" commands.
  • Added Patreon donations.

Download FileWatcher 1.0.6

FileWatcher 1.0.6 - Changes and Features


  • Compile with Xcode 11, Swift 5.1
  • Added PayPal donations.
  • Fonts are now resizable.

Download FileWatcher 1.0.5

FileWatcher 1.0.5 - Changes and Features


  • Compile with Xcode 10.2, Swift 5

Download FileWatcher 1.0.4

FileWatcher 1.0.4 - Changes and Features


  • Disable app translocation when detected.
  • Update to Sparkle-1.21.2.
  • Use new Preferences framework.

Download FileWatcher 1.0.3

FileWatcher 1.0.3 - Changes and Features


  • Compatibility problem with maxOS 10.12 (Sierra).

Download FileWatcher 1.0.2

FileWatcher 1.0.2 - Changes and Features
  • FileWatcher is notarised by Apple.

Download FileWatcher 1.0.1

FileWatcher 1.0.1 - Changes and Features
  • Built with Xcode 10, Swift 4.2

Download FileWatcher 1.0.0

FileWatcher 1.0.0 - Changes and Features
  • First public release