SleepTimer is a macOS menubar application that will display the number of seconds your system has been idle and the remaining time before the system will sleep.

You can also use SleepTimer to prevent your Mac from sleeping while you are performing other tasks such as viewing a presentation or reading a long article.

SleepTimer lets you easily see which processes are preventing your system from sleeping..

Download SleepTimer 1.0.1

SleepTimer 1.0.1 - Changes and Features
  • Prevent Sleep now asserts SystemIdleSleep and DisplayIdleSleep.
  • Fixed opening System Preferences pane for macOS Monterey and earlier.
  • Added window for showing processes preventing system from sleeping.
  • Reorganised the menu items.

Download SleepTimer 1.0.0

SleepTimer 1.0.0 - Changes and Features
  • First public release